The Most In-Depth Online Planche Course

Double Full Planche

Learn the Way of the Warrior

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The West Coast Warriorz team presents to you the Ultimate Planche Master Course. This online course offers over 3 hours of planche educational content with over 25 unique workouts designed to master your planche in all of its elements. Start by learning the proper fundamentals of this ultimate bodyweight exercise as you progress from Level 1 to Level 5 in our planche workout program.

You'll learn:

-What a correct planche is and how to start training planche with foundational exercises

-How to manipulate your bodyweight to progress the difficulty

-How to hold a proper planche and train planche presses, planche push ups, and other planche variations

-How to incorporate the use of equipment like rings and bands into your training

-How to program your planche workouts to reach your goals

-How to avoid and overcome planche injuries with proper prehab / rehab exercises


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