The West Coast Warriorz started in November 2016 as a group of friends who started training calisthenics together after discovering the sport online. It started out as a hobby with small group workouts, pushing each other to get better. Today, that hobby has transformed into a lifelong passion; our team is known around the world for our high energy vibe and unrelenting resolve to master our skills. 
In the beginning, our goal was to establish ourselves as an elite street workout team. Flash forward to the present and we have over 30+ professional wins from all across the world. Likewise, our team now has organized and judged many high profile events, establishing our name within the community . 
Our goal is to popularize the very thing we fell in love with, CALISTHENICS! Once we learned what we can achieve with our bodies, we became addicted. Our mission is to help as many people as we can experience the same awe-inspiring feeling of self-mastery. Our way of training is like no other, if you think you have what it takes, let WARRIOR FIT push you past your limit!

Meet The Team