5 Exercises to Build Handstand Strength

There are many ways to start training for your handstand journey, here I will explain the exercises that helped me most.

Downward dog vinyasa flow:

I always wondered why people raved about doing yoga, I would think to myself…”It’s just stretching.” Until the day I finally decided to start doing it and realized how A M A Z I N G my body and mind felt after. There are many poses, flows, twists in yoga, however, the one that I’ve appreciated most during my handstand  journey has been a downward dog vinyasa flow. Here’s how you can build shoulder strength…

Start in downward dog; hold for 3 seconds.
From there, bring  your hips down to a strong push up position; hold for 3 seconds.
Next, do a push up stopping halfway to where your arms create a 90 degree angle; hold for 3 seconds.
After, you can push up to cobra (hands and legs on the ground, elbows bent pointing back towards your feet, shoulders back, neck neutral) or upward dog (hands and feet on the ground, arms straight, neck neutral); hold for 3 seconds.
Push back up to downward dog and repeat!

 Doing this yoga flow repeatedly, helps to build shoulder strength.Try to hold each position for 3 seconds before moving to the next, and repeat 10 times. You will feel the burn and soon enough will notice more defined shoulders.

Wall walks:

Another great shoulder toner and a great way to build strength in your wrists because let’s face it, it’s not everyday that we stand on our hands. We must now learn to carry all that weight, upside down!
Start in push up position with your feet by a wall.
At your own pace, walk your hands towards the wall and slowly start to walk your feet up the wall.
If you’re comfortable walking all the way up to a handstand, GOOD! Try holding it for 5 seconds before you walk back down.
If you are still building confidence holding your line, that is perfectly OKAY! Move at your own pace and walk your hands as close to the wall as you feel comfortable; each time you try this exercise you will get closer and closer to your balancing point!
Focus on each movement, go slow, hold your handstand at the top     and repeat 5-10 times.

Shoulder taps:

This is a great way to build shoulder and wrist strength.
Hold a push up position, keep everything engaged!
Lift your right hand and touch your left shoulder; try to stay tight and don’t let your hips rock from side to side.
Alternate and lift your left hand to touch your right shoulder; stay tight!
Repeat 10-20 times in a set. 

Shoulder shrugs: 

There are two options for this exercise; you can either perform this against a wall in a handstand or in a push up position on the floor. 
Either way, start with your shoulders compressed and relaxed.
Then, extend through your shoulders as if you were pushing away your Ex!
Keep everything engaged; do not let your core and back relax. 
Repeat until you’ve burned out or can no longer hold the handstand against the wall. 

Push up to forearm plank:

Yes, this is just as it sounds!
Start in a push up position; straight arms, core engaged, legs tight.
Then, without wobbling from side to side, lower to your forearms, one at a time.
Hold each position for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.


By: Aramis Andreatas

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